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Our company is the best choice for natural stone floor and concrete floor grinding and polishing.

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We can remove the synthetic resin, adhesive coatings from the surface by using Klindex floor preparation tools. Our company is specialized in removing a series of covering material from the previously used, damaged concrete floors (resin coatings, spots of athesives remaining on the floor after removing tiles, varnishes, paints).
The polishing of concrete floors is done with fine diamond tools and the technology can only be used after the floor was already honed earlier, or the concrete floor is reinforced. In both cases they are renewable with finer process and polishing pads.
Well-designed resin layers can be a good choice of flooring for industrial or residential housing purposes. Even if the ongoing maintenance and cleaning procedures are relatively quick the surface gets dirty and due to scratches the flooring looses the characteristics of the high gloss.
Polishing of Marble Floors with special marble polishing tools is a fast way of reconstruction of the old and worn marble floors. Marble Polishing is a method of renovation of marble floors and after the treatment you will restore the original natural shine quickly, efficiently and at a low cost.
The future system of wood floor sanding is dust-free and involves the most modern technology. What can you do with your faded and worn wooden floor which used to be once bright? The solution is parquet sanding!