Synthetic resin surface preparation

Preparation of the floor for receiving resin coat

Damaged and worn resin glue and other substances can be removed with Klindex tools and special grinders.

We undertake the removal of highly stressed, damaged resin floors.

Our surface preparatory tools (Bush Hammer, PCD Super scraper) and concrete grinding tools what we use are combined with our concrete grinding machines of DCS type remove the damaged coatings in some phases and prepare the surface for receiving the new resin coat.

Why to choose the Klindex surface preparation method?

  • After Klindex surface preparation there is no need for other leveling or evening material.
  • After the surface preparation procedure you will get a flat surface
  • Cost effective because there is no need for primer resin and intermediate layers
  • You can save 30-40 kg of material/m2
  • The Klindex concrete grinding and polishing method is of 30-50% more effective than any other method
  • The surface preparation is constant along the walls so that the entire concrete surface is even
  • The tensile strength of the treated area is 4.6 Mpa whereas in case of other method is only 3.3 MPa

Synthetic resin surface preparation Synthetic resin surface preparation