Grinding of Granite

Grinding of Granite

You are welcome on the site of the granite floor grinding from the maintenance till the entire granite floor renovation.

Granite grinding is apt for the renovation of worn, faded granite floors which have lost their shine. We have dealt with the renovation of granite floors for more than 20 years. Our company is the best choice for the renovation of any kind of natural stone, granite floors and tiles. You can study our works of reference throughout the country.

Grinding of Granite    Grinding of Granite

Grinding and polishing of granite floors without the need of leveling.

If the granite floor is mat, worn and scratched, but the leveling of the surface is not expected. Our company has a special diamond discs which remove the scratches on the floor and returns the original shine and floor structure. We would like to point out that diamond tools are used, too during the grinding. This procedure costs cheaper by 50-70% than traditional granite grinding and polishing.

Grinding and polishing of granite floors with the need of surface leveling.

During the granite grinding we use diamond tools with wet technology specifically designed by Klindex for hard stones and granites.

According to the rules of the technology we us diamond of low grit number for grinding thus eliminating unevenness on the floor and we remove the dirty and scratched surface from the top of the granite floor.

If needed we use resin sealant to fill the holes and cracks on the granite and if some granite tiles are damaged we replace them and we work with similar kind of material if there is no possibility to find the same type.

There 6 consecutive fine diamond tools are used by the wet system of granite grinding according to the technology until the last diamond tool reaches the final result and the surface gets back its original glory. What is more? This shine is the natural shine of the granite.

Chemical polishing powder is used to add additional light to the floor and then the surface is impregnated so we give the sealing surface to the granite floor.

Grinding of Granite

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