Granite Polishing

Granite Polishing

How can we polish granite floors quickly and reconstruct shine of the granite floor by using special polishing tools on an economic way? Granite flooring renovation restores the original and natural shine of the floor quickly, efficiently and at low cost.

If the granite is dull worn and scratched the leveling of the surface is not expected or the granite floor has already gone through the entire grinding procedure what you need is the fast and effective granite polishing system. Our company has special diamond discs which remove the scratches on the floor and returns the original shine and structure of the floor. We would like to point out that diamond tools are used, too during the grinding. This procedure costs cheaper by 50-70% than traditional granite grinding and polishing.

The availability of the technology and the granite surface polishing applicability can be learnt from our technologists.

Granite Polishing    Granite Polishing

Crystallization of Granite floors.

The Crystallization is one of the most commonly used procedure. You can meet this technology especially in warm climates and in places like the Middle East and Southeast Asian countries and South America.

The first step is the cleaning of the marble floor with a slightly acidic detergent such as the POLISH KP85. When the surface is dry you can pour a small amount of KRISTALLUX CRYSTALLIZER on the surface and start the work with a single-disc machine. For the fast and deep polishing you are recommended to use a hard disc machines, such as chromium, and accessories are the THERMIC DISC head.

The Crystallization chemical makes reaction in the stone forming calcium in the granite stone floor and change a silicone into a very fine crystal. This hardens the floor surface and gives to it a deep shine.

To achieve a fast and deep polishing we recommend you to use a hard disc machines such as Kroma and from the accessories we recommend you the THERMO DISC and Crystal Blue liquid as a crystallizing material. Instead of a normal pad holder your are suggested to use Thermo Disc Holder Pad and a heavier machine the heat reaction of which is heavier and the result of Crystallization will be faster and deeper. As a result of using Thermo Disc the shine of the granite will be higher and deeper and long lasting.

The weaknesses of the system:

  • The method does not practically level the surface and the floor will remain uneven and the method does not even remove the scratches. Furthermore it does not renew the heavily worn parts of the floor.
  • The appearance of the shine and the end result rather seems to be artificial than natural one.
  • The method rather enlarges the effect of the big scratches.

Granite Polishing

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