Polishing of Marble floors

Polishing of Marble floors

Polishing of Marble Floors with special marble polishing tools is a fast way of reconstruction of the old and worn marble floors.

Marble Polishing is a method of renovation of marble floors and after the treatment you will restore the original natural shine quickly, efficiently and at a low cost. Our company has dealt with polishing and renovation of natural stones for more than 20 years. If you need help in the renovation or in polishing or in the maintenance of any type of natural stone (marble, granite, limestone) our company is the best choice. What is our main benefit? Unique and patented way of marble polishing method which is a quick solution and it is a new system of renovation. You can easily find the representative of the technology in your own country.

If the marble floor is mat, worn and scratched but you do not need the plane grinding of your floor (the level differences remain) or your marble floor has already gone through on an entire grinding procedure, what you need is our quick marble polishing system. Our company has special diamond discs which remove the deep scratches on the floor and return the original shine and floor structure.

Polishing of Marble floors    Polishing of Marble floors

SuperShine & SpongeLux: easy & fast Polishing of Marbles

Where can Supershine e Spongelux technolocgy be used?

  • Marble and Terrazzo
  • Ceramic and Klinker slabs
  • Natural stone
  • PVC / Vinyl
  • Epoxy resin
  • Rubber
  • Wood
  • Superconcrete® - polished concrete

New and revolutionary diamond discs can restore the gloss of marble floors and terrazzo. If you use the method regularly your floor will be always as bright as just polished. Easy to use. Use them as a normal “floor pad” disc with mono brush machines or auto-scrubbers. They remove scratches even deep and clean and polish the floor.

They result in a mirror and glide polished flooring without “the orange peel effect” which the competitors diamond abrasive discs generally leave on the surface.

They remove deep scratches and restore also acid, wine, coca cola or other products stained -floors.

Polishing of Marble floors    Polishing of Marble floors

SPONGELUX is a special sponge disc that is able to wash and polish with only one step. Thanks to its special composition SpongeLux is the ideal solution for standard maintenance of all type of surfaces since it provides great results and keeps floors shining forever.

It allows to restore and maintain the floor shiny forever without changing your normal cleaning routine. The combination of Supershine1, Supershine2 and Supershine3 will allow you to remove scratches. Spongelux, thanks to its magic formula, cleans and polishes marble, concrete, terrazzo ecc.. giving it a mirror effect quickly! If it is regularly used, your floor will remain clean and shiny.

Diamond and Water, respecting the environment just add some water!

The use of Spongelux and Supershine discs requires no chemical or wax. Cleaning and polishing are carried out in full respect of the environment. The usage of just water reduces the environmental impact and eliminates the additional costs of chemicals. With Spongelux and Supershine you will soon obtain an incredibly clean and bright floor without using polish wax or chemical.


  • It cuts costs.
  • It improves your performance.
  • It increases customer satisfaction.
  • Floor is always clean and shining.
  • Environmental sustainable cleaning.
  • It requires only water.
  • It reduces bacteria on floors.

We would like to point out that this procedure is available at a price which is by 50-70% lower than that of the traditional marble polishing. To get to know the availability of the technology and the applicability of marble polishing you are requested to ask your technologist!

Polishing of Marble floors   marble-polishing

Marble Crystallization

Method No. 1.

The Crystallization or vitrification is one of the most commonly used procedure, especially in warm climate places such like in the Middle East and in Southeast Asian countries and South America.

Using the monodisc machins you begin by filling the left chemical dispensing bottle with “Crystallizer liquid” and the right chemical dispensing bottle with “polish sealant chemical”. Using a clean steel wool pad you begin the polishing process. Add 1*2 oz. of “Crystallizer liquid” across 6 square feet of marble flooring and start the buffing of the floor with your monodisc machine. Dispense the chemical while running the machine. You will be using the direction of the machine and the steel wool pad to spread the ”Crystallizer liquid” across the 6 square foot area. This motion will increase the actual working area to approx. 10 square feet.

Continue the buffing process until any trace of the wet chemical has been buffed into the stone. Repeat the ”Crystallizr liquid” process until the entire area has been polished. Next, you can begin the “polish sealant chemical” application. Apply it using the same machine and steel wool as that was used in the case of „Crystallizer liquid. Pay special attention to the floor surface to insure that all traces of “Polish sealant liquid” has been removed from the stone surface during the buffing process.

To complete the process repeat the “Crystallizer liquid” application. Sweep up any steel wool fibers and dust that could be left over from the process. This should leave the floor looking new with a highly reflective finish.

Marble Crystallization with Polishing Powder

Method No. 2.

The first step in the process is cleaning the marble floor with a slightly acidic detergent, possibly POLISH KP85 called the agent. When the surface is dry pour a small amount of KRISTALLUX CRYSTALLIZER on the surface and start the work with a single-disc machine with two to three square meters of steel wool until you reach the desired brightness. The Crystallization chemical makes reaction in the stone forming calcium in the marble stone floor and change a silicone into a very fine crystal. This hardens the floor surface and gives a deep shine to it.

To achieve a fast and deep polishing we recommend you to use a hard disc machines such as Kroma and from the accessories we recommend you the THERMO DISC. Instead of a normal pad holder we recommend the use of Thermo Disc Holder Pad and a heavier machine in the case of which the heat reaction is heavier and the result of Crystallization will be faster and deeper. As a result of using Thermo Disc the shine of the marble will be higher and deeper and long lasting.

The limits of the system:

  • Since the method does not practically level the surface the floor will remain uneven and does not even remove the scratches. Furthermore it does not renew the heavily worn parts of the floor.
  • The appearance of the shine and the end result rather seems to be artificial than natural one.
  • The method rather enlarges the effect of the big scratches.

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