Marble honing - Grinding of marble

Şlefuirea marmurei

We are good at works from grinding of marble floors, of stone floors, maintenance of stone floors until the complete stone floor renovation.

Our activity includes the grinding of marble, renovation of marble floors and the restoration of real natural shine.

Our company has been working with grinding of natural stone as well as the grinding of marble for over 20 years.

Our company is the best choice whether stone or marble floor is to be renewed or polished.

What is the point in choosing us?

You can visit many places all over Hungary where you can experience personally the quality of our works and these places can be considered as our references as the warranty on our works.

Grinding of marble and other stone floors, polish without the need of a flat surface

If the marble floor is dull and worn but there is no need for flat surface. (remove the level differences)

Our company has special diamond tools which can remove the scratches and give back to the marble floor its luster and its structure.

Şlefuirea marmurei

It should be emphasized that the grinding is done with diamond tools, too.

This procedure can be carried out 50-70% cheaper in price than a conventional grinding or polishing of marble.

Grinding of marble and other stone floors with glazing and with the need of leveling of the surface

When grinding marble floors we work with water-diamond tools of Klindex technology.

During the grinding procedure the diamonds eliminate the in-floor irregularities and establish a level surface. The grinding removes the dirty and scratchy surface of the marble.

If necessary when the holes and cracks appear in the lower surface of the marble these undesirable holes and cracks are filled with filler made of resin developed especially for marbles.

Şlefuirea marmurei

Grinding with water is continued (with 6 types of tools of different grits of diamond)

When finishing the stone gets back its real shine.

We use polishing powders adding water to it in order that the marble floor should get its glossy and it is impregnated or sealed and with these steps we finish the whole grinding and polishing procedure.

The polishing powder is an excellent solution for daily maintenance of polished marble, terrazzo, porcelain and glass surfaces. The polishing powder is also an excellent chemical for daily cleaning of hard surfaces. It cleans quickly and efficiently.

Şlefuirea marmurei

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