Super Concrete Floor System

Transform your concrete floor Now!

Super Concrete Floor System

Thanks to the continuous research of new technologies for surface treatments we can offer a new technique called SUPER CONCRETE that allows you to transform any old, ugly, stained or dusty concrete floor in a perfectly smooth surface, extremely resistant, shiny, incredibly beautiful, easy to keep clean and free of dust.

Super Concrete Floor System    Super Concrete Floor System

Preparation of concrete, sealing of concrete floors

Reparation and sealing of damaged, broken, porous concrete surfaces. We can see often worn, damaged, broken, frozen concrete floors. The condition of these surfaces is the result of faulty maintanance, excessive stress, and you can feel the signs of damages. In many cases there is not better solution than this to the problem, and this solution is the perfect rehabilitation of the floor. We can offer perfect technological solution to this problem. Our technology perfectly works on any surfaces, where the complete removal of the cover is not possible and where the cost-effectivness is an important factor.

The process of the concrete reparation:

  • The damaged part of the concrete is removed until the intect concrete structure.
  • Proper grounding materials and additieves are applied.
  • In order to repair the damages special sealent or other concrete repair material is used.
  • Suitable surface treating and impregnating material is used.

Concrete preparation

We can remove the synthetic resin, adhesive coatings from the surface by using Klindex floor preparation tools. Our company is specialized in removing a series of covering material from the previously used, damaged concrete floors (resin coatings, spots of athesives remaining on the floor after removing tiles, varnishes, paints). In order to prepare the surface for receiving the new cover we remove the damaged cover by using a combination of concrete grinding tools developed by Klindex for DCS Klindex machines in some combination (Bush Hammer, PCD Super Skraper.). After preparing the concrete surface it will be apt for receiving your laying of your desired cover.

Why should you choose the Klindex System Floor Preprataion?

  • You can save time. In some steps we remove the previous cover and at the same time the surface will be able to receive the new cover
  • After floor preparation by Klindex System it is not necessary to use any other levelling material because after the concrete floor preparation method you already have a flat surface.
  • Cost-effectiveness.
  • The floor preparation by Klindex system is by 30% cheaper than using other machines like blasting and milling machines.
  • The floor prepartaion can be applied alongside the walls thus it can be applied on the whole surface.
  • The tensile strength of the surface treated by Klindex System is ~4,6 MPa whereas in case of surfaces treated by blasting machines is ~3,6MPa
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